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Warning Signs

Children and young people involved in cyberbullying acts usually don’t tell an adult. They describe how they would not report cyberbullying to their parents, because parents would not understand it and because parents would probably restrict the use of internet and social networks.

So, parents must pay attention and be aware of some warning signs of being cyberbullied and some potential risks on the internet and social networks.

Some of the most common indicators are:

Potential Risks

Some of the potential risks on the internet and social networks that your child is exposed to and that can result in cyberbullying:

According to some studies, if parents are aware of the warning signs and the potential risks of being cyberbullied, they could talk more with their children about these issues and better monitor their children’s online activities.

Also, the risk of involvement in cyberbullying decreases when parents regularly discuss the use of the internet and social networks with their children and supervise their online activities.

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